SoPure 5 x 5 Litre Bulk Conversion Pack

R 2,399.99

SoPure 5 x 5 Litre Bulk Conversion Pack

Happy pockets. Happy planet.

SoPure's 5 litre conversion is packed with natural goodness. It'll save you on trips to the store, delivery fees and of course, save money and save on plastic. Simply reuse and refill. 

5 Litre - Bulk Conversion Pack includes:

Enjoy minty freshness with our Bathroom Cleaner (5 Litre + 500ml empty refill bottle)

Squirt and Sparkle Dish Soap will leave your senses sparkling with citrusy fresh sensations (5 Litre + 500ml empty refill bottle)

Bitter Orange Anti-bacterial Kitchen Cleaner – our fuss free germ and grime buster packed with goodness (5 Litre + 500ml empty refill bottle)

Power-packed 3x Concentrate Liquid Laundry Detergent (5 Litre + 1 Litre empty refill bottle)

Orange Blossom Floor Cleaner makes spaces so clean, you can eat off the floor (5 Litre + 1 Litre empty refill bottle)

Free of nasties. Full of nature.
Healthy people. Healthy planet.

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    R 2,399.99

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