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SoPure Laboratories is a Health & Wellness company that passionately researches, develops and manufactures high performance disinfection, allergy prevention & cleaning products using the latest cutting edge technology because we live to make the world a better place.

SoPure products are exactly what their name proclaims them to be. So pure! Pure enough for you to keep your whole family protected from germs and mosquitoes.

One particular product that has been tried and tested by moms across the world is SoPure's Sterilising Liquid. If nothing else gives you faith in the SoPure range then the fact that our Sterilizing Liquid is keeping so many families healthy should!

SoPure has numerous wonderfully user-friendly products on its shelves, including this all time favourite. Known as the SoPure Sterilizing Fluid, this 'safe as houses' sterilising liquid keeps even your baby safe from germs. As we know our baby's little hands are busy touching and exploring wherever he goes, but those little hands are also forever heading for his mouth, transferring germs to his mouth, onto his dummy, to the teat of his bottle, and worse! Vice versa should his bottle and dummy not be cleaned thoroughly.

Word from our CEO

Soon after my father died from an infection he contracted in hospital, I started studying amongst other subjects Anatomy and Physiology at a College in London. There I learnt that most skin products and some household chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream with often negative consequences.
These products are full of artificial ingredients, preservatives, toxins and questionable chemicals, which our bodies cannot manage, often resulting in toxic overload, which causes health problems, both internally and externally. I learnt that it is crucial to steer away from these toxic substances by using naturally derived products, both for adults and children.

Fortunately I have worked tirelessly for nearly 14 years to develop responsible, safe and effective products that are available to you and your family now.

Try our products today and feel the difference! All our products are available right here in our online-store (delivered anywhere in SA) or at hundreds of retailers nationwide.