Happy Cleaning. Happy Planet.

Happy babies. Happy bodies and hands. Happy clothing and laundry days. Happy noses – because we use essential oils that make you want to breathe in... deeply. Happy cleaning in kitchens, on floors, in bathrooms and down the loo too. With our products, everyone can happily ditch the itch for happy skin. Always natural and eco-baby-safe. SoPure has everything you need to happy families and happy days – because that’s what our products are made for.

SoPure Range

SoPure Wild Lemongrass Handwash - Nature's energising aromatherapy


Wake up to life free from nasties and full of good nature.

At So Pure Laboratories all our products are made with essential oils and formulations that are not only an all-powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbe clean but also amazing aromatherapy too. No toxic chemicals; no harsh additives; no fake scents and manufactured compounds that can cause allergic reactions and be harmful to our planet; our water and animals. 

Our range of products is everything needed to keep homes and floors, kitchens and dishes, bathrooms and loos spotless and germ free; laundry and clothing for babies, adults and elderly soft and stainlessly clean. The SoPure™ revolutionary product range has been developed through years of research and innovation. Our products are unique in their sterilisation process and are the only patented disinfecting and sanitation products of their kind.

So Pure Laboratories create products that just work because they are full of good nature that genuinely works.  


Making spaces so clean, you can eat off the floor.

So Pure Laboratories create products that just work because they are full of good nature that genuinely works.

Happy People | Happy Planet

I love the baby wash and laundry detergent the most - I also love that while so many products promise "natural", this one actually is that, and delivers on its promises.

Tanya Kovarsky

Happy People | Happy Planet

Customer service and delivery is amazing!! Delivery arrived the next day and with awesome free samples. Products are brilliant and the only laundry detergents I now use. Highly recommend.

Lauren Monteiro

Happy People | Happy Planet

As a nurse and a mom of 5 month old twins, I constantly try to keep my house germ free. I love the SoPure product range, as it is gentle on us, but not on the germs!

Stephni Fraser

Happy People | Happy Planet

Amazing products and great customer service! Why wouldn't you want your most precious babies in a safe environment free from chemicals and nasties? To top it off the products work amazingly- there is no point in using anything else (for the whole house).

Kelly-Anne Lavery

Happy People | Happy Planet

I'm loving these products!! I look for a reason just to use them. Best customer service Ive seen in a long while. When I placed an order couple of weeks ago they called me to say I double ordered an item. They made a suggestion to replace it with certain item. When my package arrived the very next day I got numerous extras to try! Will be ordering soon again!!

Leanne Bartleman

SoPure - Nature's perfect little gift

Looking for that gorgeous gift to spoil and pamper someone special? Get one of our SoPure gift cards – they'll be so happy you did.