Healthy people. Healthy Planet.

Aromatherapy essential oil enhanced cleaning and healing products from nature’s laboratory.

It has taken earth and universe billions of years to create consciousness – so why are we not using it? Our love and respect for all life – in balance – is why we started making our household cleaning and laundry products – and our anti-allergen range for linen; and skin and body cleansers.

Because we couldn’t find what we were looking for on the shelf, we decided to make it. We realised that putting nature on the shelf was the solution – not the problem. Billions of years of experience has gone into creating products that been developed in nature’s laboratory – and we’re just making the beauty of nature’s all-knowing and wonderful experience worthwhile to everyone. Because if we look after today, tomorrow looks after itself – and that make us happy.

So we pegged the quality of our products on effective and yet gentle standards – nothing less than good enough, gentle enough and safe enough for our babies. Lovingly gentle. Unquestionably effective. Smart cleaning for all lifestyles – for generations to come. Kindly respectful of our greater environment – the beautiful big home called earth which we all need to share in and protect with understanding love.

We are naturopaths and know the power of aromatherapy and quality essential oils to heal and cleanse. Our range of products is everything needed to keep homes and floors, kitchens and dishes, bathrooms and loos spotless and germ free; laundry and clothing for babies, adults and elderly soft and stainlessly clean.

We understand that efficacy and quality go hand-in-hand which is why we will never compromise on the standards of the ingredients in our products. Our range of products is completely comprehensive - everything to suit anyone, everyone, every lifestyle, everyday. Wake up to life free from nasties and full of good nature. No toxic chemicals; no harsh additives; no fake scents and manufactured compounds that can cause allergic reactions and be harmful to our planet; our water and animals.

The SoPure™ revolutionary product range has been developed through years of research and innovation. Our products are unique in their sterilisation process and are the only patented disinfecting and sanitation products of their kind.

SoPure™ products eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts (wild strains) and moulds via our technology that processes water without the use of any chemicals or additives. You can drink it, wash with it, inhale it, and use it in steam and ice, in food and to disinfect surfaces and water. We have extensive approvals for its use in food processing, surface disinfection, medical and dental applications in the USA, UK, Germany and South Africa.

So Pure Laboratories create products that just work because they are full of good nature that genuinely works.

Happy people. Happy planet.
Healthy planet. Healthy people.