Things that will make you say ‘O’ YES! Let’s play.

SoPure discusses the natural and essential aspect of sexual wellbeing, underscoring the multiple health benefits ranging from improved memory, pain relief, and immunity, to enhanced sleep and relationship health, especially emphasizing the importance of education and open conversation in this domain.
Things that will make you say ‘O’ YES! Let’s play.


SoPure - Spray and Play Adult Toy Disinfectant

Let’s not beat around the bush – sex is a natural part of life, and so, your sexual wellbeing should be too! 

We're totally on board with the power of self-pleasure to improve your sense of self worth – it improves your self-esteem, self-image and self-confidence. So whether it’s your first rodeo or you’re a seasoned pro, a safe and healthy sex life is equally important – and on that note, it’s time to open your mind to the wonders of how adding one simple thing to your sexual repertoire can bring!

Like all good things in this world, our sexual health requires a dash of education, some open conversation and a sprinkle of courage. So blushing aside, we’re grabbing this topic by the balls to open up conversations about intimate care and self-pleasure.

Our very own co-founder, Dr Romy Levy hosted a live session talking about some fun and interesting facts concerning sexual health, so, we’ve summarised and here are a few just for you.

  • Women who have more frequent sex have a better chance of remembering things more easily. Goodbye brain fog.
  • Sex can help treat chronic pain conditions due to prostaglandins releasing anti-inflammatory and pain-blocking compounds during and after intercourse. Yes to pain-free living.
  • Sex creates a healthy immune system by releasing antibodies that help fight inflammation and disease.
  • In men, regular ejaculation can protect against prostate cancer.
  • Sex leads to better sleep through the release of prolactin.
  • Sex creates feelings of connectivity and understanding if practised safely in a relationship of mutual respect and care lends itself to healthier relationships based on increased mental wellness.
  • Female orgasms that result from intercourse can lower her risk of heart disease, breast cancer, stroke and depression.

Now that we have your attention, we think you’ll agree that sexual health is a critical part of healthy, happy people. 

Our new SoPure Pleasures product range empowers women to do what they want, with gentle, naturally loving, environmentally-friendly, whole-earth products, especially created for intimate use – leaving you jubilant and indulged in no time.


SoPure Adult Toy Disinfectant

Why our Spray & Play Adult Toy disinfectant is simply a must-have.

  • Free of any toxic chemicals or additives.
  • Vegan approved.
  • Aids in eliminating harmful bacteria and yeasts.
  • Deliciously fresh and non-sticky, this discreet playmate will prolong the longevity of your toys for future use.

Being able to play and understand what your body wants and needs is important, so we say, ‘if toys be the food of love, play on’– that's why this mighty pleasure protector is ideal for pre and post-care of your latex and silicone toys, giving them and you some well-deserved TLC.

So, whether you use it in that spontaneous 'O' moment, in the boudoir, or simply just because, our vegan, cruelty-free and whole earth range will have your back (and your front). Here’s to raising the bar on your sexual health and self-love – to go bigger and bolder than ever, spreading the word that you and your sex life matter.

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