Ease the load of Pesach cleaning with nature’s fabulous little helpers.

Ease the load of Pesach cleaning with nature’s fabulous little helpers.

Cleaning your home for Pesach is serious business. SoPure's handy Koscher Cleaning Guide makes cleaning a breeze and this time of year a soulful breath of fresh air. A little bit of creativity and planning, plus a ton of SoPure goodness to help with all the heavy-lifting, will have you celebrating a time of spiritual freedom by ushering more of mother nature’s ahh-mazing power and heavenly scents into your home.


SOPURE - Koscher Cleaning Guide

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We get that its hard preparing for everything Passover… but when it comes to the cleaning, it equates to climbing a mountain that has no top – plus Moses isn’t even there waiting for us! Let's kiss that horrible thought goodbye. Get your Spotify playlist on and get to knowing what to clean, how to clean it and where to even begin. Ready? Let’s go show that Chametz who’s boss!

Start by giving your pantry a cathartic cleanse.

As much as we love ‘em it’s time to de-biscuit and de-bread your pantry. Get rid of all the forgotten bits of half eaten packets and sneaky crumbs. The upside to this is that when Passover is done, you start off with a clean slate.

Degrease that oven.

Now what would we do without that wondrous appliance that produces those irresistible foods that you share as you create unforgettable moments with your family around the dinner table. Let's give it some love and take the “oh dear” out of oven cleaning and turn it into a breezy “oh wow” with our powerful combination. No grease or grime can withstand the might of our terrific trio: every purpose cleaner & degreaser, oven and airfryer fume free cleaner and glass and window cleaner for an oven door that’s sparkling with goodness.

Declutter and deep clean your refrigerator and freezer.

Everything out – remove all contents and movable parts from the biggest resident in our kitchen, our refrigerator. Clean the interior as well as all the shelves and draws (chuck ‘em into a deliciously warm SoPure sudzy bath) and once you’re done, clean the exterior with a warm cloth and our magical every surface disinfectant.

Get all your surfaces and countertops clean enough to eat off.

With our selection that ranges from kitchen cleaner, to our every surface cleaner and degreaser, to our any surface disinfectant, cleaning counter tops is an absolute breeze.

Santise and disinfect your sink.

Even the space where you do all your washing up needs a lil’ love and attention.

Give you bathroom a fresh breath mint.

Release the power of mint (and we don’t mean chewing gum). Our entirely unique bathroom and toilet cleaner puts the hurt on bathroom dirt leaving a minty freshness in its wake.

Load up on laundry goodness.

From bedroom to bathroom and kitchen, revitalise those linens and fabrics. Give yourself a few days to get through the loads of linen. Strip down. Give your linens some luscious lavender love. A best-seller. Our ingenious mite-free fabric spray will your home allergy-free.

Buff and shine baby.

Make everything sparkle with happiness (that’s where our range of over 42 products comes in). From tiles to taps and pots. P.s our every surface cream cleaner is a winner on stainless steel leaving it germ-free, toxin-free and with some sparkling personality.

Sweep and wash away the dirt, not the goodness.

Leave the floors to the very last. Put on some divine tunes and get to sweepin’ and mopping every inch of those floors (use a tiny brush or toothbrush for the corners…we don’t recommend using the brush afterwards even though the orange blossom floor cleaner will trigger that citrusy craving).

Many hands make light work.

Remember to share the workload with the rest of your family! Nobody said you should try to be Wonder Woman and clean your house all by yourself. In fact, you can work together as a family and pretend you’re going on a treasure hunt… except you won’t be hunting for treasure (that’s what Passover gifts are for), you’ll be hunting for Chametz.

We know that cleaning your house for Passover can be exhausting, but we also know that Pesach cleaning can be loads easier (dare we even say, enjoyable), when you’re armed with an arsenal of healthy natural products that make for light work and are good for you, your family and your home.

Happy cleaning. Happy people. Happy planet. Happy Passover.