Turn your Oh So Blah cleaning workout into some Oooh La La with our fab cleaning tips from Nature’s Lab.

Step aside Martha Stewart, move along Marie Kondo. There’s a new CLEAN BEE in town. As we prep for a fresh new year, it’s clean out and clear out time. So best you tap into the magic that puts the sparkle back into your day.
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Divide and Conquer.

Select one room in the house to focus on per day for a thorough clean.

Marie Kondo every single room (and don’t forget our furry friends chillout zone).

  • Declutter like a ninja and haul it all out.
  • Decide what’s staying and what’s going. Spritz away with some Surface Disinfectant for all cupboards and general surfaces.
  • Word on the street from our SoPure Lab is that our game-changing NoSweat Sports Wash is the ultimate pet-bedding wash. Removing the smell of those little paws leaving their mark has never been easier.

Natural cleaning tips for homes and pets

Apply the rules of gravity – take a top-down approach.

Always wipe or dust the higher surfaces first. If you have cupboards right on top, clean ‘em out first. This way any bits of dirt or dust that fall to the ground will be swept out when you tackle the carpet or floors.

Your cleaning workout with a purpose.

  • Set a goal by setting a time limit for the task or room at hand. This way you clean with intention and the job gets done far quicker.
  • Embrace your inner DJ - put on some music, do a little dance or sing a little song and create a good vibe as you clean.

When all is clean and done.

Sit back, breathe in natural goodness and enjoy your masterpiece. The best part about our cleaning products is they are free from nasties and full of good nature, so worrying about getting any product on your hands is a thing of the past. In fact, breathing in our essential oils as you clean is a must for a calmer, happier you. You’re welcome.

Lastly, treat your hands to a good ‘ol hand wash with our Wild Lemongrass or Neroli & Tangelo Handwash Liquid. Now you are complete!

Happy Cleaning. Happy Homes.
Happy People. Happy Planet.