If life is feeling like a handful, our innovative, natural hand sanitizer is your perfect little helper.

Give your hands a high five with SoPure's innovative Spray & Go Hand Sanitizer - lovingly created in nature's laboratory for happy hands, happy people and a happy planet.
If life is feeling like a handful, our innovative, natural hand sanitizer is your perfect little helper. | SoPure - Nature's Laboratory

Lately, we’ve dodged curveballs faster than we can put on our best Naomi Osaka tennis champion impersonation to fend them off. Yup, life can be a handful... so take care of your busy hands with a power-packed sanitizer that will be gentle on your hands while being kind to nature. We’ve aced the formula to help you do just that.


So why is our SoPure Spray & Go Hand Sanitizer so fabulous?

Our team of fearless thinkers, mad scientists and adventurous go-getters believe in passionately researching and developing aromatherapy essential oil enhanced cleaning and healing products from nature’s laboratory. Our journey of brave ideas and bold inventions has led us to create a product that will rival any of the skin damaging, alcohol based, ‘best sanitizers’ on the supermarket shelves. Our SoPure Hand Sanitizer is made using a cutting edge technological activation process known as Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA), that’s been perfected over 40 years. Something this groundbreaking, with zero side effects and a proven track record gets our round of applause and nod of approval. Game. Set. And Match.

Let’s get into the science.

Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA) is a ground breaking new technology whereby water, salt and electricity produce a pathogenic natural disinfectant known as an anolyte solution, which elevates the electrical charge of the water. This creates an environment in which microbes; viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeasts cannot survive. A study by the University of Pretoria shows that the energy of ECA (+900) water will kill 1 million E.coli in 30 seconds. Another win!

SoPure Hand Sanitizers are made with this ingenious ECA technology, producing a power-packed botanical product that kills off viruses and bacteria just as our immune systems would fight off invading pathogens. Basically, this means that our production process results in the generation of Hypochlorous Acid (HCLO).

Hypochlorous Acid is extremely effective at eliminating all pathogens and food spoilage microbes, including spores. SoPure's hand sanitizer has been proved to be extremely effective against viruses and bacteria that are considered to be even more dangerous than the one we have globally been fighting over the past 18 months.

Interestingly, HCLO has been used by some of the biggest food companies and hospital groups worldwide for years. Research demonstrates that its efficacy on bacteria, fungi moulds and yeasts goes far beyond that of 90% of alcohol-based sanitisers, sans the health risks.

Grand Slam here we come!

Two things remain certain… a hand sanitiser is the most popular accessory in your handbag and home these days; and now you know where to get your natural and effective hand sanitiser that’ll do all the dirty work of killing off 99.9% of germs for you.

So give your hands a SoPure high five for happy hands, happy people and a happy planet.