Let's Talk Dirty and Stinky!

SoPure No Sweat sportswear laundry wash

Calling all sports lovers, movers and shakers, from athletes to gym bunnies and parents who know that those sports kits need extra muscle power. Our ingenious SoPure No Sweat Sportswear Wash was created just for you. It’s power-packed to keep your gear game ready and free of funky odours. Our muscle power is all in the tech which contains special enzymes that differentiate it from all other detergents, making it the game-changing solution for modern-day fabrics.

Today’s active sportswear fabrics include synthetic materials to enhance high performance, flexibility and durability. Similarly, our sporting attire needs to be cared for with detergents that understand the nature thereof. With this in mind, SoPure developed No Sweat to help your gear maintain peak performance, while you do too.

Gear Up for a Power-packed Energizing and Stink-free Laundry Workout

SoPure Cycling Sportswear Wash

Firstly, follow the care instructions on the label. When it comes to washing your gear and getting it uber clean, this is where we come in.
We’ve heard people ask:

“Does water temperature matter? How often should I wash my gear? Is there a special type of sportswear laundry liquid I could be using?”
Quite simply, heck yes! It matters. 

Keep it cool:

The temperature you choose to wash your clothes in is dependent on the fabric. Cotton and more natural garments are easily cleaned by hand or machine washed in hot water. Sports gear is far more sensitive to temperatures and one way to preserve the longevity thereof is to keep the washing water at a max of 30° celsius.

If you’re happy and you know it, wash your clothes:

The synthetic fabrics that exist today and make up our activewear are essentially plastics that are designed to wick moisture off the body and dry fast. This fabric also loves body oil, sweat and bacteria, absorbing it with sponge-like glee, where they can multiply in happiness – not a pretty picture. 

“So what if I hardly broke a sweat, can I put off washing my kit?" 
Nope, not a chance.

From socks to tops and everything in between your clothes should be thoroughly washed as soon as possible after a workout. That lingering post-workout funk is intensifying the longer it sits within the fibres of your clothes. The fake fragrance that has been added into most conventional detergents may help disguise the odour temporarily. It’s a mere cover-up of what’s happening with the multiplying bacteria, rather than a solution to a festering misfortune. Eventually, these scents no longer work in disguising the funky smell.

SoPure Sportswear Fabric Laundry Wash

Problem. Reaction. Solution.
It’s all in the tech.

Our No Sweat Sportswear Wash is a highly specialised formulation with enzymes designed to effectively penetrate modern fabrics, break down the stench and lift off the sweat and stains. It will also aid in caring for, and preserving, the integrity of our most prized, bibs, leggings, shorts, bras, socks, shoes and activewear fabrics, preventing the electrostatic charging of fibres - meaning your sportswear lasts longer so you are ready to take on the day. And yes, even regular clothes could be washed with No Sweat so while your lycra won’t sag, that cotton won’t be drab either.

Max-Up with our SoPure Laundry Range

When it comes to any of our SoPure products, less is always more, so don’t get “pour-happy.”

Reach for any of our other SoPure Laundry products like our Shake and Spray Stain Remover or Neroli Fabric Conditioner to compliment No Sweat. These products have been specifically formulated for athleisure and performance wear - we wouldn’t clean stainless steel appliances with wood polish and we wouldn’t use toilet bowl cleaner on our windows, hence, the same principle applies in this instance. Additionally, our 3x Concentrate laundry liquid does all the heavy lifting while keeping your pockets happy. Follow our dosing instructions on the label for headache-free and breezy laundry days.

That's all the dirty talk from us for now.

Happy Workouts. Happy Laundry.
Happy People. Happy Planet.