Go beyond Veganuary with a whole-earth kitchen detox.

SoPure Veganuary utensils

If you’ve gone vegan this January, we applaud you in making this month all about positive change – and before you think we’re sliding into your mailbox to tell you to convert to veganism, we’re absolutely not. We’re just super excited to explore your vegan journey with you and help you take veganism to the next level. 

The first step is always the hardest…so we’ve taken one step for whole-earth living and one giant leap for the whole-earth curious kind. So start by veganising your spaces by swapping out your old toxic cleaners with our SoPure, SoVegan, whole-earth and cruelty-free ones.

Step 1:
Pick one space at a time.

While we’re pretty confident that your super cleaning powers are a go for launch to veganise your entire home, floor to ceiling, leaving no nasties behind, – however, we highly recommend that you ease into your SoPure whole-earth cleanover one room at a time. Let’s start with the heart of the home, the kitchen.

SoPure SoVegan Floor Cleaner

Step 2:
Clear out toxic thoughts.

For every nasty used (nasties = products with more chemicals than a nuclear power station), promptly replace them with some SoPure goodness. For example, once the handy bottle of ammonia is finally done, replace it with SoPure Bitter Orange Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cleaner. It’s therapy in a bottle…ridding your mind of toxic thoughts and your home of toxins (see what we did there?)

SoPure, SoVegan whole-earth kitchen cleaner.

Step 3:
Embrace your inner minimalist.

Other than opening and closing your products randomly to smell the essential oils (it’s a thing trust us), you’ll notice from our dosage recommendations that we use far less product because the goodness is deliciously packed in and concentrated. Goodbye 5 capfuls of kitchen floor cleaner, hello optimal value and zero waste.

Step 4:
Going whole-earth is easier than you thought.

Got a frequently asked question we’ve been meaning to answer. “Is it difficult to detox your home and follow a whole-earth cleaning regimen?” Nope! Well, not with SoPure at least. Our range of products cover all your home essentials (and there’s even more in store this year). It’s as easy as click, order, repeat.

Step 5:
“Darling I have a headache!” is so done and dusted.”

Are your conventional, off-the-shelf cleaning products giving you headaches? They may just be the cause of that occasional headbanging party that equates to a stormtrooper stampede causing that nagging ache. Believe it or not, research shows (we’re big on our research) that synthetic fragrances are notorious for causing prolonged headaches.

SoPure SoVegan Squirt and Sparkle Liquid Dish Soap

Allow us to introduce you to our Oh So Vegan Squirt and Sparkle Liquid Dish Soap. It cleans like heck and smells like heaven. It’s packed with lemongrass essential oils, is tough on grime and gentle on skin with ZERO headaches on the side. Let’s face it, the only place where the real power of lemon juice packs a punch, is with a tequila body shot.

Step 6:
Veganise. Energise. Repeat.

SoPurists who want to step it up to all things VeganVerse, we are in awe and applaud you. Aside from eliminating every toxic product in your kitchen, here are some additional tips to further your vegan mission. And no, you don’t need to tap into your superhuman juice for this, simply close your eyes and leap into it.

SoPure Whole Earth Compost Bin

  • When prepping meals, take a moment and STOP! Don’t throw those fruit and veg scraps away. Simply compost them, your planet will love you for it.
  • Go zero waste with your food. Cook smaller portions or cook in bulk for a few days, cooking just enough for you and your family to eat without wastage.
  • Opt for organic 100% cotton cleaning cloths.
  • Think old school (literally think about your gran) and those wooden brooms with the natural bristles - eco brooms are far more widely available now.
  • Replace the cleaning products that you henceforth banished with no hope of return, with all SoPure’s SoVegan SoWholesome goodness. Now we’re talking!

Step 7:
Take a break…addiction warning.

Maybe this should have been a disclaimer during step 1, but in the future you will find every excuse to spritz, spray and clean. It’s the combination of our powerful, technologically advanced formulations and the heavenly smell of our essential oils. It can’t be helped so practice kindness and take cleaning breaks as required.

Now that you’re done detoxing your cleaning cupboard, be mindful of how you fill it. The grass is definitely greener on the SoPure side.

Healthy products. Healthy people. Healthy planet.
Clean. Kind. Forever.